HATS, HOPS & HUCKS - July 18-19 1998

Dear Hats, Hops & Huckster,

Our tourney is just a few months away. Here's some information you'll need to know. Not only are there no refs, but no team captains, so some extra responsibilities will be falling on individuals (read: YOU) in order to pull this whole thing off.

CAMPING - Camping this year takes place on private property. About half way between the Brewery and Highlands Park.. The Caseys are putting themselves out on our behalf and the tourney requests UTMOST RESPECT. Camping zone will be quiet zone. There will be ample alternatives of places to party; please cruise by the Boulder Creek Brewing Company before you head over. Weíll explain parking assignments. There will be port-o-potties there, but little else.

CARPOOLING - PARKING - Please fill up your car ! Parking at the campsite might be a little tight. Think about leaving your car behind the brewery and getting a lift over to the campsites. In an effort to "share the wealth" of fields, teams will be asked to travel at least once on Saturday. If you have a big car please consider being a team chauffeur. There is a $2 buck fee to park at Highlands Park.. There is plenty of free parking at S.L.V. High School.

REGISTRATION - Registration begins Friday 7 p.m. @ the Boulder Creek Brewing Company, 13040 highway 9, and runs until 10 p.m. (or so). It really helps the tourney run more smoothly if lots of folks register Friday night. Sample the brew, check your team color and see who you're playing with. Be a current UPA member or be ready to part with some cash ($10 for the week-end only, $15 for yearly student fee, or $25 regular yearly fee). Sign in before 9 a.m. Saturday and receive a tourney disc.

Saturday morning Registration continues at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast runs from 7:30 a.m.- 9:00 a.m. at Highland's Park. 8500 Highway 9 in Ben Lomond.

Breakfast will end at 9:00 sharp - really !!!! This only gives you half an hour to get to your fields and get your games started. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Lots of folks have paid their cash to play, not to wait for you. This tourney is unique in that each individual has to do their share to pull it off. First round games start at 9:30 am and will be capped at 11:00.

PLAYER CARDS - Each player gets a card at registration that entitles them to all kinds of stuff: Camping, meals, beer, party, raffle.... Use this card at Frisbee Central to get special goodies. You're gonna need it all week-end, so please keep it with you.

MEALS - We're feeding all the players breakfast Sat. & Sun. as well as dinner Sat & Sun - that's a lot of food. To cut down on waste (and cost) the tourney will not provide any utensils (no forks, no knives, no spoons, no cups, no plates, no kidding). Either bring your own or be prepared to eat with your fingers off an old disc and scrounge through the garbage for an old jelly jar while others are scarffing and quaffing beer. Sat. a.m.: Brecky at the main field sight. This will be a pancake & egg meal w/coffee & juice. Sun. Breakfast will be prepared by True Nature (new this year). The focus of on sight food is getting the games started on time so we can avoid time caps. - Bring your own utensils and disc to eat out of.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE - We have all become increasingly more familiar with this phrase - here's what it means at HHH6. Fill your car. No cars should be arriving without maximum capacity. - CARPOOL !!! check the website to see whoís in from your area .We will not be providing plates, cups, eating utensils ... bring your own. Recycling bins will be on the field - use them (especially for that plastic (P.E.T.E #1) from the juice containers). Water is being provided by Big Sur Water in 5 gal containers to cut down on waste. Bring you own water bottle to fill.

PHOTOS - We have hired Visionaries Photography this year to do the shooting and Bay Photo Lab sponsors the processing. Photos will be back by the finals dinner. You can check 'em out and order prints (the tourney program will have an order form and details). They'll be sent to your home in a week (or so) and then you send in the cash (pretty cool, huh ?).

USED CLEATS - Here's a chance for you to clean out some closet space. We've had good success getting used cleats to kids who are just starting out and can't afford a pair. With the jrs. program growing we'll be able to find a good home for your used runners; the ones you just can't bear to throw away, but don't fit anymore. Drop them off in the crate at frisbee central.

RAFFLE - Our player raffle is bigger and better this year. Each player is automatically entered once. Prizes include: Shirts, Hats, Beer, Discs, Snowboard wear, Sunglasses, Theater tickets - GRAND PRIZE: a westcoast round trip air ticket from Oaks Travel (thanks Charles). Additional raffle tickets will be sold at a dollar each. Moneys from the raffle go to off-set the costs of Hatsí donation of 1000 square feet of sod to the San Lorenzo Valley Jr. High School (youíll be playing on the grass you bought !)


Party/Play hat(s)- get creative !!! (leave that baseball cap at home)

Eating gear - Plate (disc), Cup(s) beer/coffee, eating utensils (plate, fork, spoon, knife, napkin).

Water Bottle weíll provide the water

Light & Dark shirt - (just in case you see a team with a similar color in the semis)

Used cleats - for the kids

camping gear- tent, sleeping bag, ground pad...

sunscreen July. Mountains. Hot.

previous years photos- not the one's you got in the mail from us - we have those.

watch w/ alarm- so's you can get to the fields on time.

good attitude- S.O.T.G. is alive & well @ HHH

- Neither Hops nor Hucks without hats ! WEAR A HAT!

- There will be water & fruit at the fields

- Sat. night's bands - JUNK - NO COVER CHARGE FOR H.H.& H. PLAYERS. all others $5

- Bring mosquito repellent or discouraging clothing for evenings.

- Watch out for poison oak at the campsites & the park..

- No dogs allowed at Highlands Park.


YOU'RE NOT A PLAYER WITHOUT A HAT (This rule is governed by S.O.T.G.) Clarifying statements:



(If you make the catch and THEN your hat falls off, you gotta put it back on before you throw.)

HAT defined by Webster's New World Dictionary of the Am. Language: (n.) 1. a head covering, usually with a brim and a crown.

The following are not hats: Headbands, visors, bandannas. Plain ol' baseball caps are officially out. (GET CREATIVE!!!).

There are no rules for affixing a hat to your head; recommendations: 1) No staples or nails 2) Glue is effective but messy.

3) When using tape, prewrap is strongly advised. A hat is "on" when it's on your head. - If you have a hat on under another hat,

the hat on top is the one that counts. Remember: its funny if your hat falls off, donít get mad - laugh.



HHH is designed to encompass the best things ulti has to offer in a setting that makes the individual even more accountable than in the ordinary team setting. Each person has a few easy and "key" assignments: especially import are aspects of recycling (just one plate isn't much but 221 a meal x 4 meals is...if we all do a little, the impact is huge)

When each of us is being courteous and playful in the games, its so easy for the joy of play to shine. With the rare opportunity for young players to play with some big talent, the forum for improvement is at a high. This is great for the whole Ulti community - Help out the new folks with tips (rules, throws, etiquette). It can be intimidating for some folks, so make sure they get plenty of praise & P.T. Be prepared to call a foul on yourself if need be. HAVE FUN ! ! ! ! Be Careful - donít get so caught up in competing that you make a dangerous play. This is especially important in Co-ed ulti with folks of varying abilities.

Another individual "little thing" with huge impact is getting to the fields to play when the schedule says. There is no more important time than ULTIMATE TIME ! There is an incredible irony, however, as the entrenched idea of "ULTIMATE TIME" really, cuts into ULTIMATE TIME - that is, the time you could be playing the game instead of lagging. After all, you just cut with $65.43 bucks to be playing and so did everyone else you're gonna see at the fields this weekend. I figure they'd all rather start playing than waiting around.

Teams are 17 players this year, so playing time will be a premium. Itíll be hot - everyone will get their fill if we can avoid cutting ourselves short with time caps but, because there is a lot of coordination involved in meals, the tourney will run on schedule. In making the start times as user friendly as possible and still taking into consideration that we all wanna play, we're hoping you'll see fit to be on time. I know Iíve said it about 5 times, here however, is a little incentive; breakfast only goes as late as 9:00. remember sign in before 9:00 and get a tourney disc.

Last of the spew... Thank YOU! Thank you each and all. Without each individual there is no Hats, Hops & Hucks !

Here's wishes for straight throws & lots of grass stains - peace. Mo