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The Tremor 3d Graphics Engine Demo 2 download it here!
Demo 3 with new shading model download it here!

Read the tremor demo2 README

Exciting new features!

Exciting old features!

Features That May be Coming Real Soon Now!

The new Quake-like surface cache technique . . .

What lies down the hall?

Here is a wireframe view of an algorithmically generated world:

Upstairs, an enemy attacks . . . (older)

What you see above is a real time free-direction texture mapped 3d game engine prototype that is written in C for Linux/X but will port fairly easily to Win95/DOS. It is currently capable of frame rates up to 30fps on reasonably interesting images. With assembly optimization that figure should stay about the same even when it is doing fun game-like things.

The engine has improved significantly since the demo version 1 release of several months ago. A MUD or game is the likely next step.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: 'Tremor' . . . is that some kind of a play on 'Quake'?
A: Yes, you're so clever.

Q: Is there anything to shoot at yet?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I get my very own demo copy of Tremor to play with?
A: Yes! Right here.

Q: Is source code available?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can I get involved and work on Tremor in some capacity?
A: Maybe. Drop me a line here.

Q: Hmm. I'm interested, but I just don't know. Is there a mailing list I can get on to receive any other announcements of progress on Tremor?
A: Why yes, there is. Send a message to with a body that consists of the two words: subscribe tremorlist

Did You Say Something About a 3d Object Editor And Animator?

Yes, it's called, lamely, EditBoy. Warning! This is a large GIF image that will take a while to download.

Demo Version 1 Homepage

Here's the more primitive demo1 version of Tremor. Historical interest only.

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