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About Maxham Stilts

This web page is a work in progress. :)

I got into stiltwalking accidentally. A friend of mine suggested that I attend a circus camp, just for a change of pace. At that point all I could do was juggle, badly. At the camp, I picked up a love of trapeze, unicycle, and stilts. I have been doing circus in my spare time for over ten years now. I still juggle badly.

I can be reached at Be sure to put 'stilts' in the title to make it past my spam filter.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I generally work close to home, but I can travel if needed.


I have a set of seven wooden stilts that I made specifically for teaching. They have adjustable-height food rests, padded feet, and foam-padded knees for comfort. They are sturdy and time-tested.


I have taught at birthday parties, company gatherings, and for
Big Brothers Big Sisters (as a volunteer).

For instructing, I need a flat grassy area to work in, plus a stable place for stud ents to sit and suit up. Picnic benches work well.

Fun things to do include stilt skits and stilt parades.


So far I have zero student injuries. :) I do take safety seriously, and I don't try to push students past their limits. I also emphasize safe stilting, including use of wrist guards, attentive spotting, and teaching how to fall safely.

Star pupils. Me on tall stilts.



I can perform on tall stilts or
spring-loaded jumping stilts. I was (briefly) in a 7-up commercial that ran in the 2004 Superbowl. Look in the lower-right of the frame during the last two seconds.

I have some basic costumes and can get others custom-made by my wife, who does costuming.


I can make wooden stilts to your specification, or custom fiberglass stilts. I'm not really in this for the money, but they do take a bit of time and equipment, so they aren't cheap. The wooden stilts are great for kids. A serious performer might be interested in the fiberglass stilts because they are extremely lightweight, super strong, and made in nearly any shape.
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